Our first intention is to satisfy the customer needs in design of the solar fence to give security,
quality and reliability are salient features of our company.

Our range of products

  1. Solar Domestic power fencing on wall
  2. Solar high security power fencing
  3. Solar fencing with mesh type design
  4. Solar fencing with CCTV / Internet assumable control unit.
  5. Agriculture / forest need power fencing.
  6. Elephant protection pole guard casing.

Please find attached our fencing broachers and technical details for your solar power-fencing requirement.

Technical Specifications of Solar Power Fencing System
The solar power fencing system will have
1) Solar Photovoltaic Module
2) Battery
3) Charge Controller unit
4) Enerzizer
5) Alaram
6) Fence with poles, GI wire, Insulators, Wire tightners , earthing kit and neon tester etc.

The technical details of each and every component are explained below in detail in the following pages.

1. Solar Photovoltaic Module :
The solar panel is an assembly of Solar Photovoltaic Cell, Toughened Glass and Aluminium frame to hold the assembly. The Solar cells are cut into pieces and soldered together to make a solar panel. The solar panel output will be measured in terms of “Peak Wattage (Wp)”. When the sun rays falls on the solar panel it produces electrical power and that power will be stored in a battery for further use.
The solar panel will be fixed permanently on the roof facing towards sunrays. Generally solar panel will be installed facing towards south direction to collect more sunrays. The outputs from solar panel will always a DC output.

2. Battery :
The electrical energy produced by the solar panel will be stored in a battery. The battery works like a energy storage device. Generally the output from battery is DC output.

3. Charge Controller Unit:
Solar Charge Control Unit will be used to connect solar panel to battery. This unit is used to control the charging of battery due to variable sun intensities and protecting the battery from “deep discharging” and “over charging”.

4. Energizer:
The output from the battery (12V-DC) will be connected to the Solar energizer (or) Amplifier. The energizer amplifies the voltage from 12V to maximum of 7500-10000 Volts and this voltage will be passed to the fence wires. The output from the energizer will be pulsated current. When an intruder tries to hold/cut the wire it gives severe shock (Person will not die) and at the same time alarm will be ranged immediately.
The parameters of the energizer are as follows:
Input voltage       :    12 V DC Input current : 500 MA
Output voltage    :    7.5 KV to 9.9 KV
Output current    :    7 to 8.5 A
Pulse interval       :    1.2 second
Pulse duration     :    0.3 mille second
Output energy     :    2.5 Joules

A 12VDC supply with the help of a Red LED will be glowing to indicate the availability of DC supply to the Fence Voltage Alarm.

The fence consists of poles (Center or corner), GI wire, Insulators, wire tighteners and Joint clamps, earthing kit etc.

Poles (or) Posts:
The poles are generally fabricated with Ms-Pipes(Galvanized or Powder coated) 25mm square thickness 2mm , Insulators will be welded permanently to the poles through welding process.

High voltage power will be supplied to fence wires. The fence wire will be passed through an insulator. The insulator abstruct power supply to the pole that holds the insulator & fence wire. Corner Pole insulator or Strain Insulators will be used for starting, end or corner posts. These insulators are made up of high quality industrial plastic – Polypropylene rated for 15KV UV Stabilized.
Reel Insulators will be used for the center posts. These insulators are made up of virgin Polypropylene plastic UV stabilized rated for 15KV operation.

Wire tighter: Wire tighter will be used to tighten the wire when it is sagging. Wire tighter will be fixed permanently to the wire and whenever the wire starts sagging it will be tightened. Generally wire tighters are made up of special aluminum alloy (Rust proof) designed for 15 KV UV stabilized operation.

Joint clamp:Joint clamps are used to connect the fence lines in parallel (or) in series. All the interconnections on the fence are made with the help of joint clamps. They are made-up of GI wire, heavily galvanized (Rust proof) of more than 25 microns for long lasting.

Double Insulated Cable(DI cable): It is used for interconnecting Energizer, FVA, Earthing system and Fence wires. The inner core of DI cable is made up of 12G galvanized wire and heavily insulated for eliminating the losses to surrounding materials and improve the connectivity among the systems. It can withstand high voltage of about 15KV with breaking strength of 740 Kgs.

Warning signboard: Polyethylene plastic with white background and coloured letters.

Earthing System: SS rod/GI Pipe of 4 feet length approximately.

Fence Alarm: : An alarm is designed to alert customers as and when the intrusion / tampering or any type of mischief is occurred over the fence. A siren is activated when tampering of the lines occurs. The sound can be heard from a distance of about 500 meters.

Fence wire:: Fence wire is made up of 2.5 mm dia high tension GI wire. The wire will be heavily galvanized with zinc coating of 300 grams / Sq.m. It is manufactured by TATA.

Optional Accessories of Solar Power Fencing Unit

Neon Tester:This measuring instrument is a part of the system supply. It can be used to check the status of the fence. It consists of following indications:

Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Very poor.

MS BOX: A box will be provided to keep fence energizer, battery, alarms circuit. Generally this box will be fitted permanently to a wall. An opening for the box will be provided to open and close the box.

Relief from Power Cuts with SunShine