About us


SUNSHINE SOLAR SYSTEMS PVT LIMITED, formerly SUNSHINE SOLAR SYSTEMS [popularly known as SUNSHINE SOLAR] is a rapidly expanding and successful Indian-owned company, with showpiece manufacturing facility at HYDERABAD, an Industrial belt of Andhra Pradesh. SUNSHINE SOLAR is a leading manufacturer having varied experience in the field of solar thermal energy and Solar Power Generation. We have our systems working across the country for various applications. Our Organization is manned by technically qualified engineers with experience of about 20 years in the field.

SUNSHINE SOLAR is clearly among leaders in providing solutions for low, medium to high-end users. SUNSHINE SOLAR hot water systems have been made for uses such as boiler feed water, industrial process requirements, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, commercial laundries, defense force bases, dormitories, hostels, clubs and private residences.

SUNSHINE SOLAR is also a specialist in providing solutions in Solar Photovoltaic systems for Home & Street lighting purpose. SPV (Solar Photovoltaic) Systems range from those suitable for small domestic applications to large scale independent power generating stations.

SUNSHINE SOLAR retains complete flexibility in manufacture/supply and installation to allow for a unique range of design options in both SWHS and SPV. Sunshine Solar takes care to understand the end user's needs and builds its units to provide optimum performance and comfort.

SUNSHINE SOLAR is committed to manufacturing quality systems and ongoing performance improvement. The company is progressing towards formal quality accreditation and works closely with the MNRE in test laboratory performance programs.

Relief from Power Cuts with SunShine